The LDPL Programming Language

The LDPL project produces the LDPL Programming Language, a free, powerful, compiled, open-source programming language designed from the ground up to be excessively expressive, readable, fast and easy to learn. It's runs on a plethora of different architectures and operating systems including AMD-64 Linux and macOS, ARMv8 Linux, Android and both Intel and PowerPC OS X (tested from Tiger 10.4 onwards). It even supports UTF-8 out of the box.

LDPL is freely available from our GitHub repository.

The current release is LDPL 4.4 'Friendly Falcarius', released Dic 2, 2019.

A number of editors including Visual Studio Code, Vim, Atom and Nano have LDPL highlighting and formatting extensions avaiable for them. Read more here.

OSI LDPL is developed entirely by volunteers. It is a non-profit project mantained by people like you from all over the world. The project's development environment is funded through contributions collected by selling LDPL-releated merchandise. Contributions ensure that LDPL will remain a vibrant and free programming language. If you like what we do, please consider contributing to the LDPL project or supporting it.
We would like to thank JetBrains for kindly granting a number of All Products Pack Open Source Licenses to the LDPL project.