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LDPL Code Examples

A number of example programs have been written and released through the LDPL repository. These are the official examples and can be found here. More information about them can be found in that same page.

Community Projects

LDPL users have also written many open-source LDPL programs that can be read for more information on the language. You should bear in mind, however, that these programs may have been written for older, pre LDPL 4.0 versions of the language and, thus, not be compatible with vainilla LDPL releases anymore, as some statements have been made obsolete. One could, nonetheless, include these statements again from the LDPL Standard Library and everything should work correctly.

csvlib, a library for handling csv files for LDPL by fireasembler.
Dino, an LDPL Interpreter written in LDPL by dvkt.
GILD, gopher client by dvkt.
beKnowledge, a simple tool to help you read faster by Lartu.
IRCBot.ldpl, an IRC bot library for LDPL by Lartu.
LBI, a Brainf*ck interpreter by Lartu.
LDPLNOISE, LDPL port of Linenoise by dvkt.
LDPL Space Mines, a management game by Carbontwelve.
Spark, ▁▂▃▅▂▇ in your shell, ported by Carbontwelve.
Ambulisp, a Lisp interpreter by Ambulancja.

If you've written an LDPL project and you'd like to have it included here, contact us and we'll be more than glad to upload a link to it to this page.