The LDPL Programming Language

The LDPL project produces the LDPL Programming Language, a free, powerful, compiled, open-source programming language designed from the ground up to be excessively expressive, readable, fast and easy to learn. LDPL was designed to run on Unix systems, including AMD-64 Linux, macOS, ARMv8 Linux, Android Termux and both Intel and PowerPC OS X (tested from Tiger 10.4 onwards). It even supports UTF-8 out of the box.

LDPL is freely available from our GitHub repository.

The current release is LDPL 4.4 'Friendly Falcarius', released Dec 2, 2019.

A number of editors including Gedit / Pluma, Visual Studio Code, Vim, Atom and GNU Nano have LDPL highlighting and formatting extensions avaiable for them. Read more here.

OSI LDPL is developed entirely by volunteers. It is a non-profit project mantained by people like you from all over the world. The project's development environment is funded through contributions collected by selling LDPL-releated merchandise. Contributions ensure that LDPL will remain a vibrant and free programming language. If you like what we do, please consider contributing to the LDPL project or supporting it.
We would like to thank JetBrains for kindly granting a number of All Products Pack Open Source Licenses to the LDPL project.