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Projects written in LDPL

This page is a collection of all the LDPL projects we could find. We would love to add more! If you have written a project in LDPL and would like us to add it to this list, please contact us.

Dino (by dvkt)

Dino is an interpreter for the LDPL programming language, written in LDPL. Because LDPL is a compiled language, Dino's goal is to provide a lightweight, scriptable version of the language that can be used to quickly prototype ideas or perform system tasks. Dino can also be used to run basic LDPL programs on systems which lack a C++ compiler, or to experiment with new LDPL language features and syntax. Mostly, though, it's a prehistoric toy.


Gild (by dvkt)

GILD is a gopher client for the terminal written in LDPL, a language for programmers.



LDPL Space Mines (by carbontwelve)

This is a port to LDPL of a BASIC strategy/management game called Space Mines. The BASIC code was originally published in 1982 in an Usborne book titled Computer Space-games. In the same year the game was released on tape for the ZX Spectrum 16K, click here for more information and a download link to the Spectrum tape image.


LDPL Spark (by carbontwelve)

This is a port to LDPL of the BASH Shell script spark. It doesn't 100% duplicate the functionality because you can't pipe values in nor will it accept comma delimited input (yet?)


Ambulisp (by ambulancja)

LISP Interpreter written in LDPL.


LBI (by lartu)

Lartu's Brainfuck Interpreter - A Brainfuck Interpreter written in LDPL


beKnowledge (by lartu)

beKnowledge is a tool designed to help you read faster by letting you read without moving your eyes. beKnowledge shows you words one after another in the same place at your choosen pace. It also gives you pauses to blink and a pause every 1000 words so you can rest your eyes and drink a sip of your coffee.


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