LDPL People

This is a list of the people behind the LDPL project.

Lartu (Martín del Río)

Project admin and lead developer. Creator of the LDPL programming language.

Chris West

Contributor. Chris was among the first contributors to the project and added many core features and statements to the language. Missing in action, then found again. As with Damián, LDPL certainly wouldn't be what it is today without Chris's vision and help.

Damián Garro

Contributor and developer. Heavily refactored the LDPL codebase and contributed a ton to the project. LDPL wouldn't be what it is today without Damián's support and constant enthusiasm.

Ignacio Losiggio

Contributor. Developed the LDPL Web Extensions.


Contributor. Among other important contributions, added the include statement to the language so other files could be imported. We don't really know FireofGods' (ex fireasembler) name, so if it's you, please contact us so we can properly add it!

More wonderful people have also contributed to the project.