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2019-8-17: LDPL 4.1 Released
Incremental update from LDPL 4.0. Bugs have been fixed and string comparison is now a thing.
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2019-6-27: LDPL 4.0 Released

This release reworks a great part of the language, fixes all the bugs introduced in LDPL 3.0.5 and marks a new milestone in the history of LDPL! This release is not backwards compatible with 3.0.x LDPL releases, as most of the redundant statements have been moved into the LDPL Standard Library.
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2019-5-26: LDPL 3.0.5 Released

This release fixes bugs found in LDPL 3.0.4 and introduces new statements and features.
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2019-5-5: LDPL 3.0.4 Released

This release fixes bugs found in LDPL 3.0.3 and introduces new statements and features.
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2019-3-21: LDPL 3.0.3 Released

This release mostly addresses bugfixes for bugs found in LDPL 3.0.0. Stable release.
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2019-4-13: LDPL 3.0.0 Released

Stable release introducing C++ extensions, bugfixes, new statements and more.
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2019-3-15: LDPL 2.2.0 Released

Many bugs were fixed and many new features added. LDPL can now load and save files.
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2019-3-15: LDPL 2.1.3 Released
Many bugs were fixed thanks to our generous contributors.
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2019-3-15: LDPL 2.1.2 Released
Many bugs have been fixed.
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2019-3-13: LDPL 2.1.1 Released
The awk compiler script has been fixed as it did not work correctly on some platforms. As all the compiler compiles all the examples without any notices, warnings or errors, this version is considered stable.
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2019-3-13: LDPL 2.1.0 Released
LDPL 2.1.0 includes the new vector functions STORE LENGTH OF IN , yet to be documented in the standard.
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2019-3-12: LDPL 2.0.6 Released
LDPL 2.0.6 is equal in functionality to LDPL 2.0.5, but it now works under Windows.
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2019-3-12: LDPL 2.0.5 Released

Stable release of LDPL, some issues fixed from 2.0.4. Since version 2.0.4, LDPL code is compiled instead of being interpreted, so it's very, very fast!
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2019-3-12: LDPL 2.0.4 Released
Almost stable release of LDPL, fastest release to date, now compiles LDPL source code to binary files.
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2019-3-6: LDPL 1.1.2 Released
Stable release of LDPL, with escape sequence support and fixed default text vector values according to Revision 4 of the LDPL Standard.
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2019-2-28: LDPL 1.1.0 Released
Stable release of LDPL, up-to-date with the LDPL 19 Standard Revision 3.
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2019-1-30: LDPL 1.0.0 Released

First working version of LDPL.
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